Covid-19: A Message From Our Acting Board Chair

The Covid-19 Pandemic is an unprecedented situation causing major disruption to all aspects of our lives.I want to assure you that Whitby Village Seniors Program Inc is taking all the necessary precautions to protect the health and wellbeing of it's vulnerable seniors and healthcare providers in order to address this new deadly reality.We are working diligently to ensure that our Onsite Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic has the financial resources to once again be a vital part of life at Whitby Seniors Residence.During this difficult time it is imperative that our seniors residents are assured of our continuing care,support and protection.

The negative impact of the changes in routine and the necessity of physical isolation is already taking its toll on our seniors. The majority of our programs have been cancelled and are replaced ,when possible, by virtual healthcare consultation.Given that successful treatment for mental illness often relies on a team approach, this is especially challenging. We are, however, grateful for the continued support of our generous donors like the Mayor's Community Development Fund, as well as private donors.
Supporting our continuing efforts gives us the incentive to " stay the course" as we share respect, genuine concern for wellbeing and an eagerness to be the visible support during this stressful time.Through the provision of medical supplies or perhaps a response to an awareness of the lack of food or a safe short visit,could be the best medicine for that lonely,frightened senior resident. Those few minutes of friendly conversation amidst the ongoing isolation and desolation of aloneness will be a ray of hope for many.There are no words to adequately express our gratitude to the men and women selflessly serving on the front lines of this crisis.

They are heroes, leaving a lasting impact on our community. It is their commitment and dedication to patient care that goes beyond the expected. They deserve both our praise, and our support today, and in dealing with the residual effects of this collective trauma.Your donations,regardless the amount, encourages us to fight through this totally bewildering circumstance we find ourselves in of reopening our onsite nurse practitoner led clinic.

Be assured that your generosity will continue to provide support for seniors who suffer from the impact on mental health long after the pandemic has passed. Together, we are ready to take up this challenge. Together, we are building hope. Be Generous


About Whitby Village Seniors Place

This health care project was born out of an awareness of severe health concerns amongst our Whitby Village population.
There were many without family physicians. Some had no choice but to ignore developing detrimental health conditions and some simply had no ability to visit a walk-in clinic.  With our health initiative, Whitby Village tenants now have the opportunity to visit an on-site medical practitioner.  Appointments are arranged in advance and our Nurse Practitioner attends each patient with expertise and compassion.
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Campaign Goals

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How Whitby Village Seniors Program Inc. is Affecting The Lives of Seniors


We are committed to delivering , accessible health care services.  Seniors.residing on the premises see the NP by appointment or on an urgent care basis


We are committed to facilitating seminars relating to healthy living and functioning well in today's society


We facilitate prebooked appointments with  an on-site Nurse Practitioner for treatments, referrals and ongoing monitoring.


We facilitate Immediate on-site care in event of falls or a  sudden health emergency

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