Andrew Millar,MNSc.,RD
Registered Dietitian

Registered dieticians are medically trained professional that alters a seniors diet based on medical conditions,  body make up,blood type or contributing factors affecting the nutrition one receives. They assess, diagnose, recommend and treat various medical diagnosis and dietary problems primarily on a one-on-one basis.Registered Dieticians are trained food and nutrition experts who provide practical healthy eating guidelines to seniors and  families to promote health and wellbeing. In Ontario, dietitians are registered with the provincial regulatory body College of Dietitians of Ontario in order to practice.

Registered dieticians assess and manage conditions including:

Acid reflux/ heart burn
Celiac disease
Irritable bowel syndrome
Inflammatory bowel disease
Food allergies/intolerances
General healthy eating
Seniors nutrition
Diabetes and pre-diabetes
High cholesterol and blood pressure
Obesity & weight management
Osteoporosis and more
Digestive health supplements
Colitis & Crohn's
Diet and Nutrition
Food Allergies & Sensitivity
Gluten Free
Vegan & Vegetarian
Wellness Counselling

To confirm an appointment with the registered dietician contact: 905-493-7020.

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