Michael Smith,BSc.Kin,Rkin,CSEP
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Kinesiologists are the only human movement specialists that use science and research to offer movement as medicine to patients with a health or fitness goal,who want a hands-on,personalized approach. Kinesiologists apply exercise and movement science to promote health and prevent,manage and rehabilitate injuries,treat illness and chronic disease,restore function and optimize human performance for all ages and health conditions. They often collaborate with other health professionals on multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary interventions plans to improve physical and mental functionality.  

Kinesiologists improve quality of health,often using interventions that include physical and mental tests, and performing fuctional activities evaluations. Symptomatic and clinical evaluations of patients condit may included:

Metabolic conditions
Cardiovascular conditions
Pulmonary conditions
Neurological conditions
Musculoskeletal conditions
Mental health and psychiatric diagnoses
Chronic pain and sensory disorders

Kinesiology uses an evidence-based active treatment model to correct body mechanics and restore mobility to injured areas. Kinesiologists focus on health promotion,ergonomics,fitness training, and return to post injury strategies.Our kinesiologists help with injuries to joints,soft tissue sprains and strains,post-operative rehabilitation, and post-concussion management.This includes back and neck pain,knee and ankle pain,shoulder dysfunction, concussion and balance. They are involved in the preparation of care plans and monitor progess or set backs.

To register for the kinesiology rehab program,contact: 905-493-7020.

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