Nadejda Bovenzi, RN[EC],NP-PHC,MN,BScN
Clinical Director & Lead Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics are a new primary healthcare delivery models in which nurse practitioners are the lead providers of primary care.Through a collaborative practice approach which includes registered nurses,social workers,dieticians,kinesiologigists, and collaborating primary physicians,NPLCs improve access to quality health care through enhanced health promotion,disease prevention and chronic disease management.NPLCs are integral member of primary care teams in Ontario amid primary physician shortages. Engaging patients as full partners in their care plan is an important aspect of the underlying philosophy of NPLCs.

Nurse Practitioners:

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with master's level education and advanced training in the assessment, diagnoses,treatment,management and monitoring of a wide range of complex and chronic health conditions using an evidence-based care approach in their practice.NPs provide a full range of primary healthcare for patients of all ages and health conditions NPs provide an holistic,patient-centred care to address the physical,emotional,mental and social aspects of patients' health. Evidence supports the high quality and cost effectiveness of NPs care to solving the primary care dilemma.

NPs in primary care can function both autonomously and collaboratively in primary care settings. NPs can initiate treatments, diagnose diseases,disorders and conditions,prescribe medications, and order lab tests, x-rays and other diagnostic tests within their statutory and regulatory standards. NPs are a very vital part of the Ontario primary care workforce amid shortages of primary care physicians.

Nurse Practitioners services include: 

Perform patient health assessments and health maintenance activities; 
Chronic disease management ( diabetes,asthma,heart rate,high blood pressure);
Counsel and educate patients and families; 
Conduct physical and mental health examinations and obtain medical histories; 
Prescribe medications for acute and chronic illnesses;
Detect changes in a patient's health and change treatment plans as necessary;
Order, perform and interpret lab tests, x-rays, EKGs, and other diagnostic studies; 
Diagnose, treat and manage acute illnesses and disorders;   
Provide preventive care,including screening and immunizations; 
Provide patient care coordination and monitoring systems; 
Facilitate health,wellness and education seminars; 
Develop,initiate and maintain a preventative health monitoring program;
Offer phone consultation/triage for acute episodic illness;
Consult with physicians in accordance with the standards for physician consultation;
Monitor and support discharged patients and  medical teams;
Monitor seniors for covid 19 virus and community health outbreaks;

Nurse practitioner led clinic is dedicated to quality patient care and improving the health status of patients. All patients registered with clinic must be assessed by lead nurse practitioner to detemine a holistic care plan for rehabilitation.Patients are issued the Clinic Operations Manual that outlines:privacy statement,patient bill of rights, complaints procedure,transfer of patient information,and quality care systems. Contact clinic at: 905-493-7020 to
confirm an appointment.

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