Mission Accomplished

The motivated, focused group of leader tenants who banded together in early 2015 successfully achieved their goal to raise funds for the construction of our Tenants Room at Whitby Village. Here, now, was a place to introduce functions and activities intended to draw tenants together and facilitate a healthy aging program.

Utilizing a $5,000 grant from the Mayor's Community Development Fund and a $1,250 grant from Sunrise Rotary Club, along with $500 of our own funds, a small 1 bedroom apartment was remodled into a pleasant, multi-faceted uesable space. Over a four year period, there have been many opportunites for our tenants to both learn and enjoy social times together. This room is our base to grow upon. As tenants take advantage of the innovative and appealing programs presented here the Whitby Village Seniors Program inc continues our focus on the Nurse Practitioner led Clinic. Further Fundraising will include more BBQ's and special events along with presentations to governmental and corporate organizations to seek their support. 

"Focused, determined tenant leaders implementing hard work, determination, committment and creative delivery fulfill our goals”