Programs and Services:

Seniors 65 and over are the fastest growing faction of the population in need of healthcare services in Ontario. With a seniors-focused mindset we are dedicated to strengthening the care of our aging senior residents by improving health promotion,disease prevention,health maintenance,counseling,patient education,diagnosis,and treatment of complex and chronic illnesses.The surge of covid 19 is being monitored by our NPLC to prevent an outbreaks inside the building.

Programs and services are delivered by a diverse team of registered healthcare professionals with extensive expertise in senior's care.They are passionate about supporting seniors health and mental illness needs amid the shortage of primary physicians in Whitby Ontario. Programs and services include:
Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic:

Social Worker Program:

Dietitian Health Program:

Kinesiology Rehab Program:

Seniors wanting additional information on programs or services or wish to register as a patient with the onsite nurse practitioner led clinic can contact: 905-493-7020 for immediate response.Because of covid 19 pandemic,
strict prevention measures are implemented to adhere to Govenment Directives. 

"Focused, determined tenant leaders implementing hard work, determination, committment and creative delivery fulfill our goals”