Who We Are

Whitby Village Seniors Program Inc is a registered not-for-profit service organization devoted to the development, promotion and administration of programs,activities and services for senior residents of all cultural backgrounds.

We are led by an Executive Director and Board of Directors porting seniors to achieve and maintain a sense of independence and respect.Our core values are the essential and enduring tenets of our organization as they  provide guidance in developing strategic direction,and creating a vision and framework for the future.

We are committed to ensuring that every seniors resident is informed,supported and encouraged to embrace an active lifestyle that has continued meaning,purpose and value.Together, these actions empower our seniors abilities to make independent choices based on personal interests,capacities,and best health. Our mission is to provide seniors with the highest quality of life achievable,and the dignity they deserve. We work hard to find effective long term solutions to complex health and wellbeing issues impacting our senior residents

We build inclusive healthy partnerships,support, and empower our seniors to become a contributing members of the building and community.We serve as essential partners in the continuum of care by providing improved access to onsite primary care,social and emotional supports,health education,and advocacy. Our aging senior residents diagnosed with disruptive multisystem diseases require a patient-centred care approach to mitigate increased risks of a potential traumatic outcomes.

We are committed to providing inclusive,interactive, and accessible programs that make a difference in the lives of our aging senior residents by fostering a sense of purpose whoile aging with dignity.

"Focused, determined tenant leaders implementing hard work, determination, committment and creative delivery fulfill our goals”